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Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

Workout Guide:

New to working out and don’t know where to start? Or an experienced lifter that’s found you’re beginning to “plateau”? Not to worry, because we have a program that will work for you! Whether you’re looking to gain muscular strength, mass, endurance or lose weight, a program will be tailored for you to help you meet your goal. Exercises are given with a specific number of sets and reps along with a video demonstration to ensure you are completing them with the correct biomechanics.

Meal Guide:

A meal guide is perfect for those looking for recommendations on how to eat clean and live a healthy lifestyle! Whether you are looking to gain weight, lose weight or remain the same, the meal guide put in place will provide recommendations specifically for you so you can achieve your desired goal.

Online Personal Training:

Everest Health Group offers an Online personal training guide which includes a workout program, meal guides, and 24/7 support. This guide is available to assist you with reaching your desired goal. The guide is updated every 1-3 weeks with new recommendations to help you with reaching your goals. This service provides tips and support 24/7 through e-mail, text, Facebook, and Instagram direct message. Depending on the clients preferred goal, guides can last up to 3-5 months to ensure you are attaining the results you desire.